Our medical and mental health team on the ground in Ukraine/Romania

 Hello... We arrived yesterday at Grace Church around 22:00 and unloaded all we had for the church, after 16 hours in the car. Today we were at the hospital with all the medical stuff and it was very well received, as always. We filmed the doctor with a short message in Ukrainian. After that, starting 11 am we helped at Remar until 18 with a lot of stuff: serving food (I gave a very short message before lunch and prayed for the people and food), cleaning, putting away a mini-tent, unloading a big truck, putting together 200 boxes and then filling them with 25 products per box. We managed to fill 148 boxes today and will continue tomorrow until 300.  From Pastor Christian: I keep in touch w them daily.  I was able to retrieve the last bag from the airport and I am working now in preparing all the things they need to buy and bring to the Refugee Center by Arad once they get here on Friday. Here are some pictures and videos from these 2 days:

our first US team is headed out on June 17

Pastor Alex is headed back to Romania/Ukraine with our first US based team on June 17... We completed our first training this week. Next Wednesday we will pack our luggage's with humanitarian aid for Ukrainian refugees. June 17-27 we will go to Romania / Ukraine to serve dear and needy people in there! Praying that God will go before us and work trough us for His glory!  FYI - the next team will leave on July 20th

This week's update from Pastor Christian

 Click below to watch the latest update from Pastor Christian with an INCREDIBLE opportunity to help share the gospel to a very needy group of people...

a quick update from a different Alex...

This was taken by one of our amazing Highpoint Church members, Alex, who is from Romania and recently went to Romania on his own to see for himself how to leverage his influence, resources, relationships, and gifts. He had to GO! Now that he is back, we have a team of leaders that are meeting next Thursday to discuss our next steps and begin preparing the next team to head back in June... This is a video interview he shot of Pastor Claudiu from Vertical Mamia Nord - and the refugee/community center that you are helping to support. This is one of the refugees living in the center and her baby. They are being cared for and fed in part by your generosity - Thank you!

Update from Pastor Christian

VIDEO: Click the link below to see the latest update from Pastor Christian on how God is using our partnership to impact the Kingdom on the front lines of the Ukrainian Crisis...

God is rebuilding lives...

  Look what God is doing... This is the father of the family of 5 that we brought back from Ukraine started a job today in Timisoara!

Help for the churches in Mariupol

 Thank you friends for continue supporting people from Mariupol. I just got a letter from Pastor Sergey: Greetings, brother Alex! Yesterday guests from Romania, Italy and even Australia came to get to know us and convey blessings and help from their churches, which we are already starting to deliver to people who left Mariupol today! Many thanks to God for His love and care and for you  brother, that you turned out to be the very link through which God poured out His blessing into the lives of many people who found themselves without a home, job and livelihood! Today 27 people will receive food packages! We are very grateful to the Lord and His Church for support, care and love!  Thanks again to God for introducing us!  I will send photos as the sets are distributed. God bless, brother! Huge greetings from all of us Mariupol residents of your Church! God bless you!