First update of 2023

Friends -  Here is an AMAZING update from Pastor Christian Barbosu telling the story of what God is up to in our efforts to provide the Love of Jesus to those affected by this senseless (and seemingly endless) war... CLICK HERE TO WATCH

Don't miss this update!!

Here is another amazing update from Pastor Christian Barbosu (with a VERY special guest) as he tells the story of how we are partnering to be the hands and feet of Jesus in Romania and in the Ukraine... CLICK HERE TO WATCH

Our amazing team on the ground serving Ukrainian refugees

Recently a team of amazing volunteers went to Romania to serve with Harvest Arad at one of the facilities they have established to serve and care for Ukrainian refugees.  These selfless folks felt called by God to GO be the hands and feet of Jesus in very tangible ways using their gifts, talents, passions, along with their own time and resources. Go God and way to Go team! Below are some of the pics they have sent so far...

Incredible Team Update

Here is the link to a powerful update from one of our teams that just returned...

Angelina's testimony...

This was written (translated into english) to Pastor Claudiu of Vertical Mamaia Nord by Angelina, one of the refugees staying at the facility there... "I was at home this week in Odessa to my husband. He told me to stay because it’s safer now. I told him that I had found a church in Romania where I feel that God speaks to me every Sunday. I feel like I'm getting something new every time, something I've always wanted. I want to go back to this church to receive more, to understand better, so that I can come back with the whole message from there and bring it here so that all of you can understand and enjoy this message too.”

Team Update

 From Pastor Doru who is leading the team on the ground... Yesterday was another full day. Every day we start with 30 minutes of prayer, worship and a short word from The Word. Then going to the tents an helping with breakfast and lunch. Sergei was with Max to by fresh meat and visit a couple of families in need and give them some money. We ended the day filling another 3-400 bags with all kinds of stuff. And we gave Israel 1.000 $.

Our medical and mental health team on the ground in Ukraine/Romania

 Hello... We arrived yesterday at Grace Church around 22:00 and unloaded all we had for the church, after 16 hours in the car. Today we were at the hospital with all the medical stuff and it was very well received, as always. We filmed the doctor with a short message in Ukrainian. After that, starting 11 am we helped at Remar until 18 with a lot of stuff: serving food (I gave a very short message before lunch and prayed for the people and food), cleaning, putting away a mini-tent, unloading a big truck, putting together 200 boxes and then filling them with 25 products per box. We managed to fill 148 boxes today and will continue tomorrow until 300.  From Pastor Christian: I keep in touch w them daily.  I was able to retrieve the last bag from the airport and I am working now in preparing all the things they need to buy and bring to the Refugee Center by Arad once they get here on Friday. Here are some pictures and videos from these 2 days: